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Oil & Other Spill Cleanup Products – Monarch Green, Inc.

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Technologically Innovative

Responding to ever changing oil and other spill cleanup market needs and demands, Monarch Green, Inc. continually undertakes vigorous, all-encompassing research and development complete with feedback from field testing and actual market use. Extraordinary technological breakthroughs like our patent pending Oilinator® and…

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Monarch Green, Inc.

Monarch Green, Inc. is a cutting edge, environmentally conscious, “green” manufacturer of the most advanced, oil spill cleanup products in the world. Working closely with like-minded organizations and partners within multiple industries, Monarch Green, Inc. proudly supports longstanding environmental awareness by repurposing…

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Why our products are better

The spill clean-up market is inundated with many types of absorption methods and products. Monarch Green, Inc. entered the industry because it has the data proven, most efficient and cost effective applications available. Our products have been successfully reviewed by state and federal agencies. One pound of INCREDISORB™ will absorb…

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