Extraordinary technological breakthroughs like our patent pending Oilinator® and Incredisorb™ spill absorbent products are the optimum for land AND water use. INCREDISORB™ easily adsorbs oil
and other hydrocarbons whether
in water or on land, leaving clean
water and clean hard surfaces
after removal. Our products have
been successfully reviewed by
state and federal agencies and
are Environmentally safe for use
in oceans and waterways, and on
Monarch Green is answering the
world’s demand for environmentally-
friendly, technologically-advanced,
cost-effective, nontoxic absorbents
for hard-to-contain and absorb spills.
Their products are also used by the automotive do-it-yourself market for fuel spill or transmission fluid clean-up. Auto mechanics can keep one of the company’s oil spill kits on-hand to immediately manage a brake fluid leak, transmission fluid leak, or engine oil leaks.

Fuel Facility/Tank Water Removal & Corrosion Prevention

Waterhog® products rapidly remove unwanted water and petrochemical surface sheen from various fuel dispensing components such as under dispenser containers (“UDCs”), sumps, spill buckets, interstitial spaces and tanks. [Products]

Energy Extraction

Energy Extraction

Monarch Green, Inc. ® products are proven more use and disposal cost effective than any other method. [Products]

Military and Government

Military & Government

Whether on land or water, we offer extremely versatile oil, petrochemical and water based spill applications. [Products]

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Proudly made with repurposed materials from other industries that otherwise would have gone to landfills. [Products]

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Powerful oil/petrochemical and universal spill kits you’ve never seen until now. [Products]

Marinas and Vessels

Marinas & Vessels

Save Money. Save Time. Save Earth [Products]

Sandless Sandbags

Sandless sandbags save time, money and room. [Products]

Environmental Response

Environmental Response

Patented Oilinator®, Incredisorb®, and Universal Special Absorbent® products successfully reviewed by state and federal agencies. [Products]

Technologically Innovative

Technologically Innovative

Responding to ever changing oil and other spill cleanup market needs and demands, Monarch Green, Inc.® continually undertakes vigorous, all-encompassing research and development complete with feedback from field testing and actual market use. Extraordinary technological breakthroughs like our patent pending Oilinator® and…
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Monarch Green Inc

Monarch Green, Inc.®

Monarch Green, Inc.® is a cutting edge, environmentally conscious, “green” manufacturer of the most advanced, oil spill cleanup products in the world. Working closely with like-minded organizations and partners within multiple industries, Monarch Green, Inc.® proudly supports longstanding environmental awareness by repurposing…
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Why Our Products Are Better

Why Our Products Are Better

The spill clean-up market is inundated with many types of absorption methods and products. Monarch Green, Inc.® entered the industry because it has the data proven, most efficient and cost effective applications available. Our products have been successfully reviewed by state and federal agencies. One pound of INCREDISORB®…
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