Fuel Handling & Dispensing

Monarch Green recently added several new, cutting edge, WORLDWIDE PATENTED products specifically designed for the fuel handling and fuel dispensing industry. These innovative products very cost-effectively remove water from Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks (“AST”) and Under Ground (“UST”) Fuel Storage Tanks, Sumps, Under-Dispenser-Containers, Spill Buckets and more in about 5 minutes enabling incredible labor, time, and disposal cost savings! These innovative, easy to use products are marketed under our WATER HOG® brand and currently include: TANK DRY™ TOOL (“TDT”), INTERSTITIAL SORBENT DEVICE™ (“ISD”), SPILL BUCKET WIZARD™ and High Standard™.

Flood Control

Eliminating the need for traditional, cumbersome sandbags, Floodbag Sandless Sandbags® are ready-made, quickly deployable flood management tools right at your fingertips. Each Floodbag Sandless Sandbag® expands rapidly upon contact with either fresh or salt water and is capable of absorbing oil and other petrochemicals from contaminated water. Simply layer as you would normal sandbags.

Spill Clean Up and Control

More use and disposal cost effective than other methods, our patented Oilinator® and Universal Special Absorbent® mats, booms, spill kits and Monarch Green specially designed applications offer the most cost efficient and environmentally safe solutions for your spill clean-up and control needs, whether water or land based.